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Delivery Policy

We at Maze Infocom private solutions provide the best services to acquire our client’s goals. We provide services such as website development, app development, software development, big data, and analytics. We offer expert strategic concepts to our clients. We have an expert development team to fulfill our client’s targets. We offer the best quality and effective services to build your brands and cultivate a creative and realistic approach. 

We have an expert experienced team having a keen knowledge of every field to comprehend our client’s requirements. We propose highly efficacious solutions that suit your brand. We deliver the best of our services and give affirmation of delivery in the time as communicated to our clients. 

Technology is such a subject that sometimes creates unexpected problems which might lead to delays. Since we are service providers we do not offer any physical goods. In case we fail to deliver our services/ projects due to any technical issues then we assure you to provide a buffer time of delivery in the following 10 business days.

In case of any extra customization in the project or any alterations and changes in the modules will be counted after the completion of the actual project or the day of delivery will extend.

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