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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy:

We’re a team of experts who pride ourselves on keeping everything in order. We only promise what we are capable of. Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible.

Client fulfillment is at the heart of our services, and we make every effort to assure and deliver it. Our cancellation and refund policies for digital marketing services at Maze Infocom Solutions are very straightforward and varied for each service we provide.

What is the procedure for canceling a service?

  • Contact us by phone or email, to cancel a specific service.
  • Our accounts and billing department will collect it.
  • We will send you a confirmation message. The request will remain invalid till then.
  • The email we send in response will be deemed proof of service cancellation.

Note: Clients must submit a cancellation request within 12 hours after making their order. Only when the project has not yet begun would Maze Infocom Solutions accept it.

For all our digital marketing services, we have the following refund policy:

According to our refund policy, there will be no refunds for cancellations of orders for search engine optimization and other services. If the job is completed manually, no money will be refunded.

Please be aware that search engine algorithms for page rank and robots are updated on a regular basis. Those developments are beyond the control of any professional marketing firm. As a result, we cannot promise any certain result to our clients or honor any refund requests.

However, Maze Infocom Solutions guarantees that your websites and other pages will be optimized according to the most recent algorithms using the most up-to-date methodologies. We are well-versed in search engine optimization techniques and will thus provide you with a visible online performance for your brand.

Through the digital transformation of your business, we engage your customers worldwide for increased profitability and efficiency.

There will be no refunds for money that has already been paid:

  • The company is not responsible for any refunds on the amount paid.
  • We are not responsible for refunding any additional charges, especially those that result in a loss to the company.
  • The services that have already been supplied are not eligible for a refund or money-back guarantee.
  • In the affair of any project concluded on a collective basis, then the client can take the authority of the project, and payment for any additional development will not be valid. Any former payments or installments would not be refunded.
  • Once the development of the assignment is initiated and the clients approve of the sample work then no payments or refunds will be provided.
  • We do not refund any amount deposited but the client is liable to cancel any project with a notice written 30 days in advance.
  • Clients cannot make a claim for any transaction fees.
  • Link building is a crucial aspect of SEO, and you must give us the necessary data. The company will not be held liable for any errors or failures that occur as a result of the incorrect URL. Clients would not claim funds.
  • Maze Infocom Solutions team will not be held liable if search engine optimization services are affected by third-party activity on your website content.

We, on the other hand, only release payments for the following month after a thorough analysis of our current month’s performance. Maze Infocom Solutions does not make any guarantee for any of its services, including SEO. We will not be held liable for any problems that may develop as a result of any third-party service.

Maze Infocom Solutions reserves the right to amend this cancellation and refund policy for digital marketing services at any time without previous notice to clients.

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